EN 16005
EN 16005 standards for automatic doors

EN 16005

EN 16005 standards for automatic doors
From April 2013, the new EN 16 005: 2012 standard took effect. The safety of people within automatic doors is covered The EN 16005 is a new European standard and applies to all countries that are members of the ECN (European Committee for Standardisation), including  the UK and Ireland.

What does the EN 16005 standard mean?
The new standard determines the safety of persons within automatic doors. Pivoting doors, sliding doors, revolving doors and doors that move horizontally must comply with the EN 16005.

New installations
The EN 16005 standard should be followed for all new installations. Already installed doors are not subject to this new standard, but should be evaluated in a subsequent official maintenance on safety risks and where necessary, be adapted to the EN 16005 standard.

Replacement of existing standards
Important to know is that all the existing national standards and regulations have been replaced by EN 16005.

Maintenance according to EN 16005
The EN 16005 requires a periodic maintenance to be performed on automatic doors, at least one time per year or more depending on usage.

This maintenance can only be performed by an authorized company, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This will be documented in writing. If the standard is not met, and there is a safety issue that is demonstrably attributable to negligence, you may be liable.Bauporte features, as manufacturers, an extensive knowledge and experience to provide you with expert advice. As a manufacturer of doors, we know the specifications, components and operation of our automatic doors.

Bauporte supplies various service contracts that assure you of a qualified business with professional maintenance programs in compliance with EN 16005.

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