Making a hotel entrance sustainable

The entrance of a hotel is the first environment guests experience when they visit. So you want your guests to experience a great first impression and a safe, pleasing and comfortable staying.

What does that have to do with sustainability?
Revolving doors make ideal hotel entrances. They provide the convenience of automatic doors while maintaining an effective barrier between the external and internal environments. When combined with a great aesthetic design, nothing is more elegant and pleasing. Additional advantage of revolving doors is the sustainability.

Did you know?
– Automatic swinging and sliding doors exchange 8 times as much air as revolving doors.
– Tons of carbon can be saved annually, when using a revolving door.
– Energy from 1 door use can power a lightning bulb for several minutes.
– A lot of money can be saved in heating and cooling costs annually.

In terms of financial benefit, this makes the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) also attractive. Revolving doors are made of one of the most sustainable materials, glass and metal. A robust design and a good periodic maintenance guarantees a long life cycle. So, if you are considering making an entrance to your visitors, choose revolving doors! More at our hotel sector pages >