About Bauporte

Our history in an overview


Bauporte was founded in 1992

Bauporte was founded in 1992. After taking over the German firm Grothkarst, which developed and constructed high-quality doors as early as 1904, Bauporte raised the bar in terms of quality and service to a very high level.

Seeing as end users set increasingly high requirements in terms of quality and the distinctive qualities of their buildings, they are always looking for unique custom solutions, both aesthetically and functionally, for their entrances.



Our philosophy proved to be a success

Bauporte met those wishes and within no time, this philosophy proved to be a success, as Bauporte soon received requests and orders from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, the United States and even China.



Investments in expertise and innovation

Since then, the company expanded its activities and invested in expertise and innovation, allowing Bauporte to launch a number of very refreshing new designs, including the all-glass rotating doors and the turning and sliding door driving mechanisms, which are now installed in the floor instead of above the door.



A unique position

With its high-quality, custom-made door and entrance systems, Bauporte has taken on a unique position in the global market today. In 2003, the company even had the honour of being invited to take part in Harvard’s Design Program (in the US). This programme focuses on constructing buildings according to the highest norms.