Easily accessible entrance for Eindhoven city hall

“We wanted a public-friendly (literally) low-threshold entrance to our city hall.’’ Bauporte was able to provide support in that like no other. Not just functionally, but also aesthetically, the new entrance fit with the client’s wishes perfectly. Architect Hans Marechal wanted full transparency as well as a large, spacious diameter. Bauporte developed the fully transparent Royal Full Vison 4200 AYN, with a glass top and a driving mechanism in the floor. The entrance door meets all burglar-resistance requirements for the SKG3 class indication, has collapsible door wings and is also wheelchair-accessible.

The revolving doors meet the newest safety norms; for example, the doors stop without touching the person going through. Innovation is key in the hot air unit, which is incorporated in the floor and which ensures that the staff at the reception desk do not feel a cold fall wind.